BH VINA (SL) Limited is a company established in 2018 in Sierra Leone, where we focus on timber extraction and processing, furniture and home decoration manufacturing, along with heavy cargo transportation services.


BH VINA (SL) Limited is a company established in 02/07/2021 in Sierra Leone, where we focus on timber extraction and processing, furniture and home decoration manufacturing, along with heavy cargo transportation services.
We are committed to delivering quality products and services, contributing to the sustainable development of the community and industry in Sierra Leone.

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At BH VINA (SL) Limited, we are driven by a mission to deliver excellence in all our endeavors. We are committed to producing high-quality products and services while upholding ethical and sustainable practices. Our aim is to contribute significantly to the advancement of Sierra Leone's community and industry.


Welcome to BH VINA (SL) Limited, where expertise in wood harvesting and furniture craftsmanship converge! Our team of 20 professionals from Vietnam and Cambodia, backed by 35 local artisans, boasts over a decade of experience. Situated in a spacious 2-hectare facility in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone, we specialize in creating high-quality wood products and bespoke furniture, blending skill, innovation, and sustainability. Join us in shaping a brighter future through our passion for woodworking and community engagement.


Management Department

Our Management Department, led by two seasoned professionals, drives strategic direction and operational efficiency, fostering growth and excellence.

Accounting Department

Our Accounting Department, helmed by a dedicated professional, ensures financial stability and integrity through meticulous oversight and compliance.

Export and Sales Management Team

Our Export and Sales Management Team, consisting of two members, spearheads market expansion and customer satisfaction, driving revenue growth.

Timber Extraction, Transportation, and Factory Workers Team

Our diverse team of over 50 individuals is the backbone of our operations, ensuring the seamless execution of timber extraction, transportation, and factory operations.


Sawn Timber for Export Activities

Furniture and Home Decoration Products for the Domestic Market

With a talented team of craftsmen and a creative spirit, we manufacture and supply a variety of furniture and home decoration products, including tables, chairs, cabinets, and decorative items, catering to the diverse needs of the domestic market.

Sawn Timber for Export Activities

Sawn Timber for Export Activities

We provide high-quality sawn timber for export activities to international markets. Our products are carefully selected and meet the quality standards and export regulations.


Heavy Cargo Transportation Services

Heavy Cargo Transportation Services

We offer professional heavy cargo transportation services, ensuring safety and efficiency. With experienced drivers and technical staff, we are committed to meeting all the transportation needs of our customers.

Armchair | Coffee table | Dining table | Dining chairs | Bed | Wardrobe | Dresser | Nightstand | Bookcase | Office chair | TV stand | Sideboard | Ottoman | Bench | Console table | Bar stool | Vanity table | Accent chair | Desk |


This streamlined process ensures the production of high-quality export products and bespoke furniture pieces tailored to meet our clients' needs, while also emphasizing efficiency and sustainability at every step of the way.

Export Products

Wood Harvesting and Transportation: Our heavy-duty fleet transports timber from the forests to our storage yards.
Sawmill Processing: The logs are then processed at our sawmill to produce lumber.
Packaging and Export: Quality lumber is carefully packed into containers for export to various destinations.

Furniture Manufacturing

Cutting and Sorting: After careful selection, the lumber is cut and sorted at our band saw mill.
Preparation of Components: Lumber is then processed into components tailored for specific furniture pieces, including parts for doors, cabinets, staircases, ceiling panels, etc.
Production: These components are either sent to our woodworking workshop for furniture manufacturing or directly to construction sites for interior finishing and decoration.